David and Danielle are preparing to go to Fiji as Foursquare Missions International (FMI) missionaries. They were married in 2005 and have two beautiful daughters, Allison and Clara.



David grew up in Edgewood, Washington and is the son of Keith and Cindy Bickley. He is the middle child of three wonderful sisters. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and hiking (scouting for animals). David has spent half of his life on the family farm in beautiful Deer Park, Washington where he spent many days hunting deer and wild turkeys.  During his late teens, David spent three and a half years as a missionary  with his family in the south pacific islands of Papua New Guinea, where he put his missions call into practice among the Engan and Tolai peoples of that beautiful nation. David learned some of the languages and customs of these island families and also became fluent in Melanesian Pidgin which is spoken in most parts of PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu in various forms. His fascination with cultures and languages really is a display of the heart God has given him for the diversity of people.



Born and raised with her two brothers in the South Puget Sound area of Washington State, Danielle grew up with a love for the beautiful mountains and shores of the Pacific Northwest. She loves to go hiking, camping, and taking her family on new trails to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. When she was fourteen years old, she came to know Jesus, and God’s love and grace transformed her life! Danielle has a heart to share the hope that she found in Jesus with others. Her first mission trip to Mexico, when she was nineteen years old, opened her eyes and softened her heart toward missions. She is excited to take her next step of faith by moving to Fiji!

Allison and Clara


Allison is a spirited, smart, and sometimes shy seven year old. She loves school and arts and crafts as well as playing games outdoors. Her memory is incredible, and she thoroughly enjoys learning about the world. She has a passion for justice. Every day she wants to learn more and talk about Fiji!

Clara is the most whimsical five year old! Her imagination is astounding! She recently started Kindergarten and absolutely loves going to school with her big sister. Most days she can be found painting, reading, or digging in the dirt, and she is always first to volunteer to pray!