Trip to Fiji


Today I am leaving for Fiji for a couple of weeks. I am going to be traveling with Pastor Dan Boyd of Hope Chapel Foursquare Church in Santa Rosa California. Pastor Dan has helped to plant 9 churches in Fiji with Fijian members of his congregation. He will introduce me to the pastors and Churches of which he is associated. We will be traveling to a few different islands in Fiji meeting with pastors, families, and churches. We will also preach at a Pastor’s conference and a few different churches. While we are there, I hope to figure out where we will be living when we move early next year. The goals of this trip are to build relationships, listen and learn, share the word of God, encourage any who need it, and to figure out more of our moving logistics.

Please pray for good health, safety, and for peace.

I will update you via the Blog when I have access to the internet.

It is great to have you partner with us!

Bula Vinaka!
David Bickley

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