Wow! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! A lot has happened.
We were able to go to the deployment training at the end of October and beginning of November because we had raised at least 50% of our monthly support before it was time to go! Fast forward to this week and we are at 62%. Thank you to everyone who has given support–both prayerfully and financially.
To start this past month off, we ended up in the ER when Clara fell off of her bunk bed and broke her arm. She had to have surgery to put three pins in the fracture, and last week they were taken out! Her bone has completely healed, but she’s still working on her range of motion. She has been a tough girl through it all!
After recovering from the big fall off the bunk bed, David and Danielle went to Billings, Montana for the Foursquare Northwest District Conference. It was a great time to connect with other pastors and leaders. David was honored to be ordained during the conference. Many of his closest friends and family were there to pray for and encourage us.
View More: http://evanandlarissaphotography.pass.us/ordinationnwd16
Next David went to the Northwest District Missions Conference in Helena, Montana where he was able to share about Fiji and our journey. Other Missionaries from around the district were there to share about where they are ministering. God is doing amazing things all around the world, and it was so exciting to hear all about it!
After the back to back conferences in Montana, we came home for a couple days and then went to our last training in Los Angeles with thirteen other missionaries who are getting ready to deploy. Foursquare Missions International (FMI) does an incredible job equipping and preparing missionaries for the field. Not only was it a great learning experience, but it was a great time to build lifelong friendships with other missionaries.
Over the last several weeks we have also had the opportunity to share our calling to Fiji with several individuals and churches. We have been overwhelmed by all of the love, support, and provision received. It is exciting to see the team of people God is putting together to partner with us and what He is doing in Fiji.
Prayer Requests:
  • For health because we have all been sick in one way or another lately.
  • For Clara to be able to use full range of motion in her arm and fingers.
  • To be fully funded so we can deploy as soon as possible.
  • To get our visas quickly.
  • For David’s two week trip to Fiji in December.
  • For the people of Fiji.

2 thoughts on “A WHIRLWIND OF A MONTH!

  1. God is so Faithful to supply all your need. We are praying and believing for your family that God will protect, keep you healthy, and give you more insight for Fiji. God bless!

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